The Conference of The Entrepreneurs
Cairo, 2022

Stay Ahead 

CEOs Must Be in the Digital Transformation Driver's Seat

Fastest-Growing eBiz Brands, Founders, Entrepreneurs, Freelancers, and Investors.
All sizes of e-commerce brands from around the globe gather to learn the latest eBiz-focused tactics and strategies, network with each other, and find solution provider partners to help them take their businesses to the next level.

Because CIOs Can’t Lead Digital Transformation Alone 

Top Sourcing & Manufacturing Partners, Fulfillment & Logistics Partners, Store Platform or Sales Channels, Design & Marketing Agencies, and Technology Providers or App Solutions.
The engines behind every successful ecommerce business. World-renowned solution providers attend to keep up-to-date with the latest trends in the industry, and promote their services to those that need them.

- Multivendor Marketplace Software

- Digitizing Retail

- Digital Customer Experience

- Consumer to Consumer, B2C, and B2B

- Logistics & Transportation Startups

- Passenger & Road Transportation Services

- Freight & Trucking Businesses

- Courier & Delivery Service Providers

- Shipping & Maritime Transportation

- Public Transportation

- Smart Agri

- Smart Food

- Reservations and Appointments

- Digital Pass Solution

- Digital transformation in the pharma

- Telemedicine

- Digital Pharmacy

- Healthcare Cloud Services

- Appointment Booking

- Social Determinants of Health

- ePayment

- Blockchain Solutions

- Digital Goods and Download

- Virual conference 

- Crowdfunding platforms

- SEO platforms

- Marketing Automation

- Rapid e-learning

- e-School

- Mobile learning

- Blended learning solutions

- Digital transformation


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